Start Stop Engine New Technology Helps Prevent Car Door Break-ins

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Start stop engine is one of the newest technologies found in cars. It turns out that this technology is now increasingly being used in the latest car products. Not without reason, because it makes it easier for the driver to turn on and off the vehicle just by playing one button. It could be said that this feature is factory default. However, there are still some cars that do not have this feature.

So that makes the owner take the initiative to install it himself because it provides very profitable benefits. You need to know that this feature is a very new breakthrough in the automotive industry to eliminate the need to use conventional keys. Later, this small device will communicate a low-frequency signal to the car’s onboard computer which can interact with the start-stop feature to activate the engine.

Start Stop Engine

Advantages of Cars that Use Start Stop Engine

There are many advantages that this car has when using this latest feature. The first is that the vehicle looks more modern and contemporary. Moreover, there is no need to use conventional keys. Most importantly, four-wheeled vehicles that have used this feature are also synonymous with high prices. That’s not enough, but this feature also makes it more practical and easier to use.

This technology allows drivers to access the vehicle more practically. For the reason that you don’t need a key to start the car engine. Plus, this feature usually also matches the smart key feature. So, to open the door, you only need to press one button on the outside door handle. No less important than the advantages of using start-stop engine technology, it can also provide protection.

Why is that? Returning to the previous explanation which said that this feature is connected to the smart key. This makes your four-wheeled vehicle accessible to a special signal receiver for the owner or the person holding the scissors. Because car doors that already use this feature can usually only be opened with a special code. This way it can help protect against car break-ins.

Save fuel

That’s not enough for the advantages of vehicles that use the latest features that support safety and comfort when driving. Most importantly, it turns out that this feature can help save fuel consumption when starting the vehicle. It doesn’t take much, but this feature can also help make fuel needs more economical.

You can’t miss it and the advantage of using this start stop engine is that it is very suitable for use when the roads are congested. Because, when the car you are using stops, you can use this feature by pressing the brake pedal. If the car you currently own doesn’t have features to support driving safety and comfort. There’s nothing wrong if you decide to install it immediately.