Driving Safety Support Technology is Various & Beneficial

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Driving safety support technology is in fact a particular concern. In the current era of rapid technology, it turns out that humans are also more literate in using existing technology. This is no exception in the automotive world.

In fact, four-wheeled vehicles or cars are also clear evidence of the development of this technology. There are various features and technologies that have been embedded by the vehicle manufacturer to support safety and comfort when driving.

However, it turns out that the use of technology and advanced features is only found in flagship cars. Or more precisely for middle to upper class four-wheeled vehicles.

However, it cannot be denied that this advanced technology exists in lower middle class cars. Because basically this technology also targets customer needs.

Driving Safety Support Technology is Various & Beneficial

Several Driving Safety Support Technology

Currently there are many manufacturers who continue to innovate to develop their products so that they suit user needs. Procurement of the latest technology that can support comfort and safety when driving is aimed at increasing productivity and consumer interest. For those of you who don’t know about this technology, here is a complete explanation.

Internet of Vehicles

The first technology is the internet of vehicles. You need to know that the Wuling Air EV vehicle is one of the cars that already uses this technology. Basically, the internet of vehicles is a platform found in the car system.

Its function is to absorb information originating from the surrounding environment. Whether it comes from the driver or other drivers. Apart from that, this technology can also deactivate several features in the car itself with just a few words.

Thus, the existence of this feature will be very helpful and easy. Because just with words you can do various things.

Parking Assist

Not only that, it is technology that supports driving safety. But there is still parking assist. The car that already uses this feature is the Toyota Alphard. Just as the name suggests, this technology can help drivers to park or park the car automatically so that later parking will be more precise.

Basically, this feature uses technology that is more than a solution. Because it uses sophisticated and superior cameras and ultrasonics. In essence, this technology can make it easier for you when parking.

Voice Commands

There is still supporting technology when driving, namely voice command. Proof that this technology is truly capable is in the Wuling Almaz car.

A feature that makes it easier for drivers to activate or deactivate several features in the car via speech. In this way, this technology also makes it easier for us to use when driving.


Autopilot is a system found in Tesla cars. Currently, many car manufacturers have embedded this technology to make it easier for their users. This feature is usually complete with a series of cameras, radar and braking systems that users can control digitally with high precision.

The function of this feature is to adjust the car’s speed to the conditions around it. So that later drivers can use this feature comfortably in any conditions.

Advanced Driver Assistance System

There is also an Advanced driver assistance system technology. This feature is used by the Wuling Almaz RS Pro car. This is a collection of technologies found in cars to help drivers reduce stress while driving and increase safety while on the road.

Using this feature can also help determine driver errors using AI as well as sensors as well as cameras and automatics. So that later you can recognize objects in real time when driving.

Even though it does not replace the role of the driver, this technology functions as an assistant who can take preventive action or intervene to detect something that is at risk. The increase in various technologies found in car features helps drivers. Even though it’s on the highway. Usually cars that have one of several technologies that support driver safety also have a more expensive price.