Car Dashboard Camera Functions, for Safety and Security

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Car dashboard camera functions are various. The existence of a dashboard camera is very important for drivers.

Driving a car tends to be more difficult than a motorbike. Because the car has a larger body and there are many obstacles.

In terms of security, a dashboard camera is important and mandatory for many people. This dashcam helps in ensuring safety while driving.

Car Dashboard Camera Functions, for Safety and Security

All Car Dashboard Camera Functions

The dashboard camera or what is abbreviated as dashcam has a very important role. what exactly is this dashboard camera?

Dashcam means a video recording device. As the name suggests, a dashcam is installed in the car dashboard to record all activities around the vehicle during the trip.

As time advances, dashboard cameras now have more sophisticated lenses. The camera lens can face front, back, or even rotate up to 360 degrees.

In general, dashboard cameras use recording technology that will capture video continuously in loop form.

If the storage is full, the camera will automatically save the old video with the new one. So, you don’t need to worry.

What’s even more interesting is that some sophisticated dashcams have features to detect accidents or collisions in cars. Here are the actual functions of the dashcam:

assist with Insurance Claims

The dashboard camera in the car functions to continuously record the situation around the car.

The recording from the dashcam can be a helpful tool for claiming insurance related to the traffic incident you experienced.

The recording from the dashcam will be evidence to strengthen the claim and also facilitate the insurance claim process.

Accident Proof

Another car dashboard camera functions as evidence of traffic accidents. In traffic accident cases, evidence from dashboard cameras is very strong.

Through the recording, it will be seen who is responsible for the accident situation that occurred.

Travel recording

As previously explained, the dashboard camera will record non-stop. So, wherever the car goes, the camera will record the journey.

Drivers can record their journey, for example, beautiful views, interesting moments, and others during the journey.


Dashcam also functions as a security tool. This camera will help protect the condition of the car.

Some sophisticated dashboard cameras can record video and detect vibrations or impacts that occur around the vehicle.

As a result, this will provide additional protection and evidence in the event of theft or damage to the car.

Unfortunately, there are still quite a lot of cars that don’t use dashboard cameras. The reason is of course that they do not consider the existence of this tool important.

In fact, the car dashboard camera functions are very useful. Dashboard cameras are an additional security tool in cars. So, it would be better if you have one.