Car Immobilizer System, Anti-Theft Security Feature

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The car immobilizer system is an anti-theft mechanism that can prevent the engine from starting when the actual ignition key is not correct. Even though they have the same pattern. Why can the system work optimally?

In accordance with the explanation above, the car immobilizer is an anti-theft system that can work by preventing the engine from starting because the ignition key is not suitable. Even when the key parameters are the same. This is because the system works by using variations in radio waves to become the car’s key identity. So with this system, there is only one ignition key that can be used to start the engine. Although the ignition key hole can be enter by all keys.

Car Immobilizer System, Anti-Theft Security Feature

How Car Immobilizer System Work

You also need to know how it works. When the car ignition key is inserted into the ignition key hole, later the transmitter component will send radio waves directly to the theft prevention system components. Then these waves will be receive and identified directly by the transponder. You also need to pay attention that the transponder is part of the theft prevention control system component.

If the frequency sent is appropriate and is not a suspicious act. Later, the transponder will send data to the engine control module. Next, the ignition system circuit will be active and can turn on the fuel pump relay.

When you enter this phase, the ignition key is connect and recogniz by the car’s ECU. This situation causes the driver to turn the ignition key to the engine start position. This means the engine will start and can be driven immediately.

The car immobilizer system does have a focus on digital data. Therefore, this system must be handl by technicians who understand it. So if the immobilizer is hit by a flood or similar disaster. Then you must immediately return it to its normal state directly to obtain maximum security. Of course, this is to avoid crimes against your car.

Car Immobilizer Components

There are three components in the immobilizer that work together to obtain maximum results. For this reason, here is the explanation.


This component has the function of sending radio waves with a certain frequency. The goal is to go to the control module section.


The function of the transponder component is to receive radio wave signals that have been sent to the intended control module for identification

Theft Deterrent System

As the name suggests. The main function of this component is to manage the radio waves that have been receive. With identification of the previous components of the transponder. Next, the Theft Detterent System component car immobilizer system will activate or deactivate parts of the ignition system circuit and also the fuel pump relay.