Crumple Zone Feature, Structural Safety Technology in Cars

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The crumple zone feature may not be well understood by many four-wheeled vehicle users. This technological innovation has become an important safety feature of today’s vehicles. This breakthrough feature unfortunately makes the car easily crushed when a collision occurs. It’s not because the quality of the car’s materials is bad, but because the features work that way.

Crumple Zone Feature

Get to know the Crumple Zone Feature and its Important Functions in Cars

Safety is an important aspect of car design. So as technology develops, there are now many innovations in the aspect of driving safety. One feature that is rarely known is the part of a car that can absorb energy or impact. Features that can protect the driver and passengers when an accident occurs. The following is an explanation and its main functions in modern cars that you need to know.

Understanding Crumple Zone

Before discussing its function, it is first important for you to understand what Cumple Zone means. This is a part of the car’s structure that absorbs kinetic energy when an impact occurs. This part usually at the front and rear of the car body. The main material for this part is easily crushed. This aims to absorb energy effect when an accident occurs to the vehicle.

Crumple Zone Function

The main function of this technology is to protect the inside of a car when a collision occurs. With this innovation, car body parts can help distribute and reduce impact energy, thereby minimizing the impact on the car’s interior.

The function of crumple zone feature has a severe impact to the car exterior. When a crash occurs, the outside of the vehicle will be more easily damaged. This body part must reduce the energy flow resulting from the crash. But, it will make you safer and more protected when you got accident.

How Crumple Zone Works

This innovative vehicle feature is the answer to how to minimize the effects of accidents on passengers. So, the idea arose to make several car parts to absorb impacts so that they were easily dented .

When a car collides with another vehicle or a permanent object, the part easily will be crushed. Not because the manufacturer uses poor-quality ingredients. This is intend to stop impact energy from outside. By dampening these impacts, the inside of the car will remain safe.

The crumple zone feature in a car is a crucial part of the driving safety and security system. By maximizing energy absorption, this part plays an important role in protecting passengers. So, innovation like this gives hope for better driving safety.